Our Consulting Approach

“CEOs and CIOs believe that Managers typically don‘t have the information they need to make better decisions.
… putting better information into the hands of decision makers … we can improve the ability to run the business
[This is] particularly critical as we face recession.“

David Cearley, Garnter >> Video


Management today means:


  • to adapt more quickly to increasingly difficult markets
  • to life with complex & dynamic environments
  • to balance external & internal stakeholders wants & needs
  • to react correctly on a short-term basis
  • given an insufficient information base

Without a solid overview regarding

  • Data
  • Resources
  • Causal Relationships
  • Consequences

incorrect decisons with sometimes fatal consequnces are quickly made

One apparent indication of sub-optimal decisions are oscillations like:
  • Costs Relative To Turnover
  • Resource Utilization Fluctuations
  • Constantly Changing Finance Requirements


the Manticore Systemic Management Approach avoids or minimizes these problems and creates the basis for sustainable optimizations of:

  • Projects & Project Protfolios
  • Management Decision Support & Intelligence Systems
  • Corporate Processes & Workflows

Independent of the IT-Systems employed by the client


Our USP: This unique Systemic Management Approach is applied by consultants who must have gained prior experience outside of consulting in order to maximize understanding of our clients' needs.

Together with the our clients we develop a common model/understanding of problems, solutions and final decisions. This ensures maximum success probabilites for the following change management process, which we usually accompany. We accept responsibility not just for analysis, but also for results.

Regular feedback rounds ensure that projects stay on track and obstacles are met in a methodic and pragmatic manner to ensure

In Time, On Budget, Results Based Execution

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