Systemic (e)Training for MS Project (Server)

The Microsoft Project Server is, together with Microsoft Project, one of the most common and effective tools for Enterprise Project Management.

One of the biggest obstacles for successfully implementing and using this platform is the steep learning curve a generally large number of users have to overcome. Quite often, implementations fail to achieve their objective simply because users cannot be trained to an adequate level in the available time.

The Manticore eTraining courses for MS Project (Server) have been developed from our experience as Project Managers, Enterprise Project Management implementers and trainers.
We tried to create a set of courses focusing on relevant, hands-on issues for the main roles and processes. We explicitly did not try to cramp all available functions into the courses, but keep them as short and concise as possible without sacrificing relevant information.

We realise that our customers are hard-working professionals who want to spend as little time as possible learning what they need. This is why we used our experience as project managers and implementers to identify relevance. We also incorporated cutting-edge know-how from brain research to ease the learning process.

Our systemic approach allows us to teach our customers the program quicker, more efficiently, cheaper and profounder than any other currently available course, thereby helping you utilize the Project Server in a better, more cost effective manner while safeguarding your investment.

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