Systemic Decision Support (sDSS)

Management decisions are made under time pressure with poor information and in an environment of uncertainty. This old adage used to be an neat excuse for underperformance.
Our sDSS approach can (at least partially) rectify this situation and help you make better decisions.

The Manticore Systemic Model (MsM) is a causal model that maps the essential causal relationships in an organisation, a business unit or a process. It can be quickly adapted to a company's specifics and tightly integrated into any existing Management Information System.

The benefit is a - until then - unknown level of information quality that won't just show passive information, but help the manager reach better decisions by actively showing him/her the impact of various decisions on the overall system.

Subsequent decisions will have a highly positive effect on

  • operative costs
  • investment efficiency (ROCE, EVA)
  • breaking strategic targets into operative objectives
  • reducing stakeholder resistance
  • reducing liability


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