Product Details - sDSS

We offer the following products/services as part of our systemic Decision Support approach:



Target Group

Management Information System (MIS) Audit

Conducting a 2-3 week audit of the decision support process including relevant structures, organisation, processes and systems followed by a benchmarking and gap analysis.

Among other things, we will kook at BI/MIS systems, data quality (see below) and analyse management decisions by using our systemic DSS approach.

Companies or business units that require a benchmarking of their decision making structures and systems or wish to avoid past mistakes.

(especially useful after a change of management)

DQIP - Data Quality Improvement Program

Quick hands-on improvement of data quality of the MIS systems by applying our best-practice top-down, systemic approach.

Cut through red tape and finally get good quality data.

Companies or business units that wish to quickly increase their data quality or have had no success so far.

(especially useful after takeovers)

Systemic Management Workshop – including Beer Distribution Game

½ to 1 day workshop introducing the Systemic Management concept including a run of the classical Beer Distribution Game

Companies, business units or departments that wish to introduce their employees to the benefits of Systemic Management and Systems Thinking.

Introduction/improvement of systemic Decision Support with the Manticore Systemic Model

Improve your decision quality by expanding your existing Management Information System with a customized version of the Manticore Systemic Model.


Companies, business units, departments or process managers (e.g. supply chain) that are forced to answer for decisions made under great uncertainty and with poor data quality.

Managers who wish to make better decisions based on active, forward looking systemic information and require a tool that will help them overcome corporate politics.


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