Systemic Process & Workflow Optimization (sPWO)

In times of crisis, cost cutting & productivity gains are the top priority. Once initial gains have been achieved, however, further improvements are increasingly difficult to achieve as they tend to have a profound impact on the company's operations.

Our Manticore Systemic Process & Workflow Approach shows cost cutting / productivity potentials that other approches fail to identify. The approach also brings systemic causalities to loight that could have prevented implemetation sofar - thus helping to implement the changes in the most profound manner:

  • Up to 30% productivity gains within a few weeks for information worker by means of our Instant Productivtiy Program
  • Get the complete view of your current processes with our Workflow & Transaction Redocumentation - the facts, not just an opinion!
  • Find globally optimized new processes, with our unique process analysis method that cobines classical with more modern analysis, simulation & optimization approaches
  • Let us help you achieve these gains! We won't just leave you with a ToDo list, but assume responsibilty for the implementation whenever possible

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