Systemic Enterprise Project Management (sEPM)

  • Increase your project Return On Investment
  • Improve your resource utilisation & efficiency
  • Reduce your conflicts
  • Reduce your project risks
  • Manage your projects more successfully

with the Manticore sEPM approach.

In our experience, most problems in project management have the same root causes:

  • The selection/prioritisation of projects happen without analytical testing or consequent alignment with the corporate strategy
  • Projects are planned badly, too late or in an incomplete manner (e.g. no resource planning)
  • No or badly done forecasts lead to short-term crisis management
  • Enterprise Resources are not utilized in an efficient and coordinated manner. Conflicts between project managers or with the operative business for scarce resources are abundant
  • Past successes or failures are repeated. There is no or very little organisational learning decreasing, among other things, the potential accuracy of future projects

Our sEPM approach removes the above mentioned (and other) problems and quickly helps your organisation to select, manage and optimise projects in a more successful and focused manner thereby increasing your project ROI, reducing risk and helping you achieve your strategic goals.

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