Product Details - sEPM

We offer the following products/services as part of our systemic Enterprise Project Management approach:



Target Group

Project Management Audit

Conduct a 2-3 week audit of project management structures, organisation, processes and systems followed by a benchmarking and gap analysis.

Companies or business units that require a benchmarking of their project management structures or wish to avoid past mistakes

(especially useful after a change of management)

Multi Project Management

We assume the role of project coordinator in major projects (takeovers, IPOs, post merger integrations, turnarounds, etc.) on the basis of our systemic EPM approach.

Companies, business units or project organisations that require an outside structural specialist to help handle or rescue high-profile projects.

Introduction/improvement of systemic Enterprise Project Management with the Manticore Systemic Model

Introduce or optimise project management structures organisation, processes and systems for companies, business units, departments or project groups.

Increase probabilities for project success, improve resource utilisation, minimise risks.

Companies that regularly have 25 people or more in projects or regularly invest at least € 1 mn per year in projects (directly or indirectly).

Project Portfolio Management & Project Decision Support

Improve/optimise decision support structures for project selection, management& prioritisation.

Align projects with overall strategy and goals.

Integrate project management information into MIS.

Mid- to large cap organisations that need to optimise their project portfolio for strategic reasons, to reduce liability or to boost performance.


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