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By Achieving Workflow Quickwins

Current Process Analysis:

Through Worklow &

Transaktions Redoc

To-Be Process Development:

Through Our Systemic Process Optimization Method

To-Be Processes:

In Existing Workflows/ Transactions

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

spwo phase 1

spwo phase 2

spwo phase 3

spwo phase 4

We achieve up to 30% productivity gains for your information worker within a few weeks by applying our best-practice principles as well as our extensive workflow and forms libraries.

All combined with MS Sharepoint Server or Sharepoint Services (free for users of Windows Server).

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Many consultants want to make you believe that it is enough to do a few interviews to analyse your current processes. This regularily leads to bad decisions!

We create a complete multi-dimensional analysis of your exisiting process in all relevant workflows and transactions in your systems. Interviews supplement that information.

This results in a more complete picture and give insights into dependencies and obstacles that a pure interview based approach or a one-dimensional analysis often cannot find.


There are many process optimization methods available. Most of them give incomplete information that can result in bad decisions.

Our systemic approach combines classic & modern methods thus avoiding the pitfalls of just using one approach.

The results are more effective To-Be Processes.

Optimized To-Be Processes are completely useless if they end up on a shelf.

Without an implementation in your systems in the form of workflows or transactions, they will never be applied, robbing you of the productivity potentials.

We help you achieve your productivity goals by transfoming potential into results and won't just leave you with a nice powerpoitn full of recomentdations.


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