Instant Productivity

Do any if these sound familiar?

  • Your Outlook Inbox is constantly chock-full with Requests, Approvals, Lists, etc.
  • You spend an extraordninary amount of time compiling lists, comparing versions or sending/waiting for updates
  • You have dozens of Excels, Words, Powerpoints often with similar or overlapping content you are sharing with different groups
  • You are using Excel, Word or Outlook forms for things like Travel Expenses to Master Data Change, but have to live with constant errors, incomplete lists, and double entries
  • You spend an extraordinary time looking for information spread across the organisation's Lists, Excels, Databases, etc.
  • There are people in your organization that spend significant amounts of time adding changes from one List/Database to other Lists/Databases
  • It is difficult for you to get a quick overview on what the status of your various workflows is

With our newly developed Instant Productivity Approach, we can avoid or minimze most of these issues.

Better still, using the Microsoft Sharepoint Technology (which most companies hold a licence without even knowing) as well as our extensive and adaptable libraries of Worklfows & Forms, combine with our know-how, we can implement a best-practice quickwin that can improve the productivity of your information workers up to 30% in only 30 days.

Simple | Fast | Effective


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Covered Areas(*):

  • Sales Reports, Invoicing
  • Absence Requests, Time Tracking
  • Performance Reviews, Applicant Ratings
  • Expense Reports/Requests
  • Purchase Orders/Requests, Asset Tracking
  • Masterdata Change (Articles, Staff, Customers, Suppliers, etc.)
  • IT - Tickets, Issue Tracking
  • and many more

(*) partially follow-up projects

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