Product Details - (e)Training

We offer the following products/services as part of our systemic eLearning platform for the Microsoft Project (Server):

Type of Training:

PM-Basics Workshops

to build or renew the basics


on our Web platform

Hands-on Workshops

for real-life application of the gained know-how


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Duration: 1-2 Days 4 - 8 Weeks 2 Days

Our PM-Basics Workshops help gain or renew the fundamental terms and context of Project Management by using our sytemic multi-dimensional approach, while rooted in years of hands-on experience in real-life project managment

This course represents an ideal preparation for our Web-based eTraining


For Users who wish to quickly learn all relevant functions and uses by means of our web based eTraining platform.

We are currently offering 4 hands-on self-paced courses for the MS Project (Server):

• MS Project Professional for Project Managers
• MS Project Server for Team Members
• MS Project Server for Resource Managers
• MS Project Server for Project Managers

As a complement to our eTraining platform, we offer 1 to 2 day workshops for Project & Resource Managers as well as Team Members and Executives with our experienced consultants.

The goal is to enforce the learned patterns by applying them to real-life problems, getting feedback and asking questions.

Target Group :

Beginner or people in need of a refresher (or a new perspective)

Companies/Project Offices that have recognized that "normal" training is too inefficient, expensive and time-consuming.

Project & Resource Managers, Team Members and Executives who want to "enjoy" a little bit of hand-on, best-practice total immersion before or during a project.

Users who have just completed the eTraining courses.

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